Junior Leagues have, for decades, created and run some amazing projects addressing big problems like childhood obesity, women’s health, illiteracy, alcoholism and foster care. So it’s ironic that many community members recognize Junior Leagues best for their fall/winter holiday markets.

But that’s OK, given the purpose of these fundraisers, which is to finance initiatives that create long-term community-wide impact.

And, let’s face it, holiday markets are fun – fun to put on (but a lot of work!) and fun for the families who shop there. And who in some cases also have the opportunity to purchase nearly new merchandise, including winter clothing and children’s toys, at prices that are affordable to families of limited means – benefitting immediately from these large fundraisers.

And, often, they’re big events.

The Junior League of Indianapolis says that its Holiday Mart is one of the largest shows in the Midwest. Located in the Blue Ribbon Pavilion of the Indiana State Fair Grounds, the annual event has served as JLI’s primary fundraising activity for the League since 1970.

The Junior League of Arlington’s Holiday Magic event, held at the Arlington Convention Center, has been named best annual charity auction by readers of Fort Worth, Texas magazine and chosen as best annual fundraiser by the publication’s staff.

A local tradition since 1976, the Junior League of Austin’s “A Christmas Affair” holiday market also kicks off their Coats for Kids coat drive.

But however big they are, Junior League holiday markets have one purpose: to raise money to fund League initiatives that benefit their community in tangible ways.

Here is a list of Leagues holding events this year:

Junior Leagues with holiday markets:

  1. Wichita, KS (Sep. 29-Oct.2)
  2. Fort Worth, TX (Oct. 6-8)
  3. Baton Rouge, LA (Oct. 12-15)
  4. Cobb-Marietta, GA (Oct. 13-15)
  5. Denver, CO (Oct. 13-16)
  6. Oklahoma City, OK (Oct. 14-16)
  7. Rochester, NY (October 15-16)
  8. Kansas City, MO (Oct. 20-23)
  9. Memphis, TN (Oct. 27-29)
  10. Central Westchester, NY (Nov. 2-3)
  11. Fayetteville, NC (Nov. 3-5)
  12. Indianapolis, IN (Nov. 3-6)
  13. N. Harris &S. MontgomeryCtys., TX (Nov. 3-6)
  14. Raleigh, NC (Nov. 3-6)
  15. Tulsa, OK (Nov. 3-6)
  16. Waco, TX (Nov. 3-6)
  17. El Paso, TX (Nov. 4-6)
  18. Odessa, TX (Nov. 4-6)
  19. Tampa, FL (Nov. 4-6)
  20. Wichita Falls, TX (Nov. 5-12)
  21. Collin County, TX (Nov. 9-13)
  22. London, UK (Nov. 9-10)
  23. Mobile, AL (Nov. 10-12)
  24. Spartanburg, SC (Nov. 10-13)
  25. Stamford-Norwalk, CT (Nov. 11-12)
  26. Greater Winter Haven, FL (Nov. 11-12)
  27. Arlington, TX (Nov. 11-13)
  28. Roanoke Valley, VA (Nov. 11-13)
  29. Syracuse, NY (Nov. 11-13)
  30. Cleveland, OH (Nov. 12)
  31. Charlottesville, VA (Nov. 13)
  32. Milwaukee, WI (Nov. 12-13)
  33. Birmingham, AL (Nov. 16-19)
  34. Lake Charles, LA (Nov. 16-19)
  35. Tyler, TX (Nov. 16-19)
  36. Lubbock, TX (Nov. 16-20)
  37. Des Moines, IA (Nov. 17-19)
  38. Fort Smith, AR (Nov. 17-19)
  39. Pensacola, FL (Nov. 17-19)
  40. Austin, TX (Nov. 17-20)
  41. Orange County,CA (Nov. 17-20)
  42. Chicago, IL (Nov. 18-19)
  43. Nashville, TN (Nov. 18-20)
  44. Durham & Orange Ctys., NC (Nov. 19)
  45. Los Angeles, CA (Nov. 20)
  46. Beaumont, TX (Dec 1-3)
  47. Macon, GA (Dec. 1-3)
  48. New York, NY (Dec. 1-3)
  49. Monmouth County, NJ (Dec. 2-3)
  50. Palo Alto • Mid-Peninsula, CA (Dec. 2-3)
  51. Louisville, KY (Dec. 2-4)
  52. Athens, GA (Dec. 3-4)
  53. Emerald Coast, FL (Dec. 9-11)
  54. Tallahassee, FL (Dec. 9-11)