Those are big topics. And you are invited to participate. It’s a concrete demonstration of the collective power of the more than 155,000 members of The Junior League that the producers of Women, War & Peace, a new documentary that focuses on women around the world living in conflict zones from Bosnia to Afghanistan, reached out to us to generate awareness of the documentary and the global issues behind it.

Airing as a five-part series on PBS affiliates around the country, starting on October 11, the documentary places women at the center of a dialogue about conflict and security in the post-Cold War era and the changing roles of women in war and peace.

Featuring celebrity narrators like Matt Damon, Geena Davis, Tilda Swinton, and Alfre Woodard, the series addresses the impact on women or such issues as globalization, arms trafficking and illicit trade – but not just women as victims, but women as critical partners in brokering piece.

Here’s how you can participate.

First, go to the Women, War & Peace website for more information about the series, including some compelling trailers.

Second, see if your members or your League would like to schedule a screening event, as other non-profits and educational institutions around the world will do. Also available are web videos, webchats and national screening events as well as group screenings in select cities.

Third, host showings in your own homes using a Women, War & Peace group viewing guide.

You can access Women, War & Peace screening information (both in-home and group showings in select cities) by going to

Women, War & Peace will air on PBS on five consecutive Tuesday nights from

October 11 to November 8.