With National Nutrition Month upon us in the United States and Canada, maybe it’s time to spend less time talking about childhood obesity rates and more time talking about how to involve kids in healthy eating. With that in mind, The Junior Leagues are offering a “healthy but fun” recipe for every day in March. Why? Because it’s a good way of drawing attention to the success of our Junior Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen initiative, now in its fifth year and active in more than 200 communities around the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Mexico.

“Childhood obesity is a critical problem for our country, and we support the work done by a wide range of government, social service and volunteer organizations in addressing it,” says AJLI President Debbie Robinson. “But two things are often overlooked in the fight against childhood obesity. First, the need to find ways to bring parents and their children together in the kitchen and, second, the need to make it fun for both!”

Beginning March 1, The Junior League will be posting a fun, kid-friendly recipe everyday of National Nutrition Month via Twitter. Follow @JuniorLeague for recipes you and your kids can make and enjoy together! The Junior Leagues’ “healthy but fun” selection of recipes are drawn from Junior Leagues In The Kitchen With Kids: Everyday Recipes And Activities For Healthy Living, the exclusive kids’ cookbook from the Kids in the Kitchen program; EatingWell, one of the program’s many educational supporters, and Junior League volunteers.

Just in case you want to head to the kitchen right now with your kids, our month’s worth of menus that they can cook – and will enjoy eating – with you will be posted here too!