First question: Do you know whose face is on the $20 bill? (Answer: Andrew Jackson)

Second question: Should we put a woman on the $20 bill? (Answer: Yes! It’s about time!)

In case you haven’t heard, an advocacy group aptly called Women on 20s is pushing hard to put the face of an outstanding American woman on the 20 bill by the year 2020 (the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment).

And you can vote on a slate of 15 candidates, ranging from Rosa Parks to Margaret Sanger to Eleanor Roosevelt.

Our vote’s with Eleanor. We admit it’s a League-centric choice, in many ways. After all, Eleanor Roosevelt, a close friend of Mary Harriman, had her introduction to public service as one of the first members of the Junior League of the City of New York, the first Junior League and still one of the largest. After that, of course, Mrs. Roosevelt went on to a remarkable career even after leaving the White House after nearly three terms.

But all of the women on Women on 20s’ list were remarkable women (a key ground rule: historic figures only). So take just a minute on go to the Women on 20s website to vote for your choice and learn more about these women and their accomplishments.

While your vote is strictly symbolic, it may help to put a woman on the 20 by 2020. The goal of this worthy initiative is to “compel historic change by convincing President Obama that NOW is the time to put a woman’s face on our paper currency.” (Michelle Obama: Are you listening?)

While Women on 20s’ balloting is still underway, a well-known political polling group called Rasmussen did its own poll, which confirmed our choice of Eleanor Roosevelt as the face for the 20. In a recent national telephone survey, 30% of respondents want her on the 20, followed by 23% for Harriet Tubman and 8% for Susan B. Anthony. By the way, the Rasmussen poll also found that 45% of American adults agree with the proposal to put a famous U.S. woman on the $20 bill!

Now it’s up to you…cast your vote!