What bold babe lit your fire? What daring dame do you most admire? What gutsy gal changed the way you see the world? What lioness’s legacy do you find most inspiring? Who do you think is the world’s most phenomenal female? What woman’s living the dream you have for yourself? Are you there yet?

What better way to mark the moment than to ask you, the 160,000 phenomenal females of The Junior League, to identify the woman that has most inspired you, whose life has been a model for your own.

This awe-inspiring icon can be living or dead, a blood relative or a complete stranger, mega-watt famous or completely obscure. But the key is that something she did or something she represents—she made a major change in her life; extended herself beyond her comfort zone; overcame an obstacle; defied the nay-sayers; applied her talents and compassion to the betterment of mankind—influenced the way you perceive your own power to do good in this world and motivated you to put that power to work.

Our role models are called a lot of things—courageous, composed, forceful, daring, inimitable, brave, compassionate, gutsy. Here’s your chance to call one your own.

Click here to take the super-quick survey in which we ask you who she is, why you chose her, and what you’re doing in your life to make it more like hers.

Then we’ll tally your responses, crunch all the data, and let you know what you said.

You can also expand on your answers by commenting below.
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