Saturday, October 26 is National Make a Difference Day in the United States. Since 1992, in communities everywhere volunteers have come forward on this day to do something that will make a difference – cleaning up highways and parks, building houses, raising funds for worthy causes. The scope and range is limitless.
In celebration of National Make a Difference Day we reflect on what it means to be a member of a Junior League. In joining a League, women become part of an International community of civic leaders with the skills and competencies to improve communities. Their ongoing leadership and programming to address critical issues facing their communities makes a difference, day in and day out. So for Junior League women, every day is “Make a Difference Day”.
Junior League women know that it’s not just the big projects —a mobile pediatric clinic, a national child sex trafficking program, a program to help refugee families navigate their new communities— that make an impact. It can be the smallest touch points and gestures that can transform someone’s day.
So on National Make a Difference Day, even if you do nothing else, consider one of the following small, even tiny ways to make a difference.

10 Ways You Can Make a Difference – RIGHT NOW.

  1. Be of service. Join the Junior League or another charitable organization that fits your needs to find out how you can make a difference in your community.
  2. Make Your Voice Heard. Speak up when you see things you would like to change. Keep in mind it’s better to be for something or a solution than against. Take action.
  3. Ask someone if they need help. If you see someone struggling, don’t ignore it – ask if there’s anything you can do to make their life easier. Sometimes, even a hug can brighten someone’s entire day!
  4. Be Kind. Kindness surprises people and is infectious. Let someone out into traffic while you’re driving, or hold the door for them as they enter a building. It’s the little things, like letting someone else go first, that spread the love we need more of in the world. Take a deep breath and let them merge! (You’ll get there just as fast!)
  5. Dedicate a Day to Help Out a Friend in Their Aspirations and Goals. We all have talents and dreams. Why not help those you care about reach their full potential, too?
  6. Write a Positive Review of a Local Small Business. Few are more connected to and more dependent on the local community that small shops. Make the business owners’ day by posting something positive (and be sure to tag them in your post!).
  7. Plant a Tree. We all breathe the same air, so why not help to keep it clean? Plant a tree today!
  8. Leave A Generous Tip. We realize tipping isn’t common in some countries but in those locations that do tip servers, be generous, especially for excellent service.
  9. Brighten Up A Dreary Spot. With an investment of less than $20, a few hours of your time – and permission from local officials – you can transform neglected underpasses and walls with sidewalk chalk.
  10. Donate. Closet getting full? Too many blankets in your house? It’s time to donate! Bring your gently-used items to a local donation spot or shelter.

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