It’s no secret that the Northeast was hit hard by Sandy – and many parts of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut are still reeling from the impact, more than a week later. The Nor’easter that just hit the region only made things worse.

At AJLI, we felt Sandy’s fury when our downtown Manhattan headquarters went without heat or power for more than a week, forcing our staff to work from their homes – often without heat, power or internet access – to keep providing services to the Leagues.

But we’re not complaining! Thousands of people in our communities are living without heat and power, and many in the worst-hit areas may lose their homes entirely.

What we are asking is that you or your Junior League consider making a donation to The Junior League Disaster Fund.

The Junior League Disaster Fund was established in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 for two purposes. First, to mitigate against disaster damages that negatively impact the ability of AJLI staff or operations to function effectively and, second, to help individual Leagues whose ability to support one or more community projects was adversely impacted for the current year because of the disaster.

In fact, one of the Junior League of New Orleans’ major fundraising vehicles, the Bloomin’ Deals Thrift Shop, was severely impacted by Katrina. In the aftermath of Katrina, The Junior League DisasterFund provided monetary support in addition to the volunteer support contributed by its Junior Leagues Rebuilding New Orleans project so the shop could reopen to the public. Soliciting contributions to the Fund, JLNO said on AJLI’s Facebook page: “We know down here the chaos and destruction a hurricane can bring.”

The Fund is designed to be self-sustaining over the years, and not just when big disasters like Katrina hit. As Terri Kontodiakos of the Junior League of Clearwater-Dunedin, said on our Facebook page: “Our thoughts and prayers to our sister Leagues in the Northeast. I am proud that our Board of Directors made a contribution to the Disaster Relief Fund over the summer. Being a Florida League, we know the importance of paying it forward in times of need. We must all come together and support each other through this disaster. I hope each League takes this post as a call to action to donate each year to the Disaster Relief Fund.”

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Thank you…because sometimes the disaster hits close to home!