The Junior League is not (and never has been) a political organization, yet I am writing this brief message after the conclusion of an election in the United States that exposed the many divides in our country and highlighted the challenges we face as a civic culture.

 Today I am especially proud of our organization which, for more than a century, has empowered women to lead and effect positive change in communities far and wide. An organization that has tackled critical issues head on when others wouldn’t, when others couldn’t…despite the “white gloves and pearls image” that continues (confoundingly) to define us.

 Today, tough issues abound. And, I am proud of our efforts to have difficult conversations, to listen and to learn from those with different views and to join or create collaborations.

Today is Wednesday, November 9 and I am more committed than ever to our organization and its work to help build communities where every citizen can reach his or her full potential and thrive. That is not political. That is The Junior League.