There are a lot of “designated” months. There’s National Book Month, National Diet Month, National Hobby Month, Prune Breakfast Month, National Soup Month, Fat Free Living Month, International Coffee Gourmet Month, Dried Plum Breakfast Month, Bread Machine Baking Month, National Egg Month, National Fiber Focus Month, National Mail Order Gardening Month, National Retail Bakers Month, Wheat Bread Month, National Eye Health Care, National Hot Tea Month, National Volunteer Blood Donor Month and Oatmeal Month. And that’s just for January.

But our favorite “month” is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, in June.

We like it because what better month is there for garden-fresh produce. We like it because it celebrates summer. And we like it because it fits right in with our Kids in the Kitchen program, which is all about getting children involved in preparing great meals and snacks that use fresh fruits and vegetables!

Here are some great recipes you can use direct from the KITK cookbook.

Amazing Applesauce
Banana-Peach Shake
Fun Fruit Kabobs
Better Cheddar Cheese Crisps
Tutti Fruity Popcorn Balls
Turkey-Vegetable Wraps

Have a great time! And get your kids in the kitchen!