2014 AJLI Winter Leadership Conference

In January 2014, incoming Junior League leaders from across the globe came together to learn and prepare to continue our legacy of community impact. Here are their insights in photos and tweets.

  1. Don’t miss the goings-on at this weekend’s 2014 AJLI Winter Leadership Conference by following our official hashtag, #JLWL14.
  2. So excited to head off to Scottsdale for Junior League Winter Conference to learn all about being President-elect! It’s going to be an Ah-Mazing weekend!! #JLWL14 #juniorleague #jlstpete
  3. Safe travels to all @JuniorLeague leaders traveling to #JLWL14! Enjoy the time together- it’s such an amazing experience!
  4. Heading to the #AJLI conference in Scottsdale! First leg CVG-SLC! #JLWL14 @JuniorLeague (at @CVGairport w/ 3 others)  http://4sq.com/KM9cVs 
  5. Heading to Scottsdale for #JLWL14 to represent @JLKDServes Can’t wait to learn, connect and warm up 🙂
  6. Proud to represent @jlatlanta! @JLA_President: Wishing Pres elect @jbennecke safe travels to @JuniorLeague Winter Leadership Conf #JLWL14
  7. We wish safe and happy travels to all our #JLWL14 delegates on their way to join us in Scottsdale, AZ!
  8. Landed in Phoenix! Now for a short drive to Scottsdale! #JLWL14 (@ Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX))  http://4sq.com/1my2xtP 
  9. Made it to Scottsdale! Super beautiful! Excited to get some good training. #JLWL14  http://fb.me/6usfwmzY2 
  10. Wow! Seems so official now! So #honored to be the Pres Elect Elect of the #JLC! Can’t wait for #jlwl14 to get started! #juniorleague #women #leadership #empowered
  11. @JuniorLeague So excited to visit and collaborate with amazing women! Thanks for hosting AZ. #JLWL14 @JLRiverside
  12. At the Doubletree lobby bar meeting up w the Pres Elect of Youngstown #ohio. JL-ers—stop by and say hi! #JLWL14
  13. January 24, 2014: First Official Day

  14. Good morning, #JLWL14 delegates! Please join us for breakfast starting at 7:30am in South Center Ballroom.
  15. We officially begin #JLWL14 with the Opening Plenary in Forum, Lower Level at 8:30 a.m.
  16. Getting ready to start the opening plenary. Super excited about hearing what Susan Danish has planned! #JLWL14 —…  http://fb.me/6rrpv2BRr 
  17. Watching JL of Phoenix’s video—wow, well done, ladies!! #jlwl14
  18. being an Olympic champion is like being president of a Junior League- Toni Freeman #JLWL14 pic.twitter.com/JyqCIaR8np
  19. Kicking off #JLWL14 learning abt the incredible impact that the JL Phoenix has made through their community programs @JuniorLeague
  20. Our esteemed #ajli President Toni Freeman kicks off #JLWL14 ! #ajli love the winter hat!
  21. great quote to share Susan. we do have the responsibility to lift up other woman #jlwl14 pic.twitter.com/a6VDRhp2nd
  22. “We have the responsibility to act, and the obligation to act conscientiously to affect the environment around us.” Great start to #jlwl14
  23. “You are the next leader of the Junior League”….scary but exciting! #JLWL14 — at DoubleTree Resort by Hilton…  http://fb.me/2WYyeKBYj 
  24. Holy cuteness (my awesome conference bag) and I’m filling it with knowledge and goodies! #JLWL14 #womenempowered
  25. Great quote from AJLI founder Mary Herriman #JLWL14 with @powersfamily3
  26. Heard around the Exhibit Area and Beyond
  27. Blown away by all the cute new items at the #JLWL14 JL Boutique. Susan, you’re awesome! @JLKDServes friends, please let me know if you…
  28. Excited to be sharing breast health information at today’s Junior League Winter Leadership Conference in Scottsdale! #JLWL14
  29. Follow events of AJLI Winter Leadership Conference at #jlwl14. President and president-elect will be tweeting throughout the weekend.
  30. Excited for @JLIndianapolis President-Elect Mica W. who is attending #JLWL14. Awesome @JuniorLeague training! Bring back some sun!
  31. “Leading Your League through Transition: A Three-Operational-Phases Perspective,” Presenter: Karen Henning, Principal, CareerScape
  32. Simple act to make transition smoother: Acknowledge the work of your predecessor. #jlwl14
  33. “The President’s Role as the Chief Communicator,” Presenter: Susan Danish, AJLI Executive Director
  34. Learning to create solid key messages around opportunities, challenges and vision. #jlwl14
  35. “Becoming the Chief Governance Officer: A Toolkit for League Governance and Board Leadership,” Presenter: Anne Dalton, AJLI Chief Officer for Strategic Initiatives
  36. To really grow an organization, allow for generative thinking. Allow for great minds to think differently. #jlwl14 @jlatlanta @JLA_President
  37. “Servant Leadership,” Presenter: Vicki Clark, Building the Capacity of Organizations
  38. Parenting and leadership are identical skills; the only variable is the size of the children. #JLWL14
  39. “Leaders plant seeds for a tree with shade they won’t sit under.” -Vicki Clark #JLWL14
  40. The view from the back of the room is as good add the the view from the board. You don’t have to stay on the leadership train. #jlwl14
  41. #jlwl14 “our product is creating community leaders” – Vicki Clark
  42. “They ain’t gonna call you Madame President.” Vicki Clark talks Servant Leadership #JLWL14
  43. “Tapping the Potential of All of Your Members,” Presenter: Dr. Mimi Hull, President, Hull & Associates
  44. People will forget what you said, but they won’t forget how you made them feel. #jlwl14
  45. So much learned and the day is only half over…
  46. Attn #JLWL14 delegates: Lunch and our afternoon program will begin at 1:15pm in Forum, Lower Level.
  47. Hearing from past @JuniorLeague leaders- embrace the opportunity that Junior League is a safe place to learn new skills & take risks #JLWL14
  48. Where else can you get advice and talk with 6 AJLI Presidents?? At Winter Leadership! #JLWL14  http://fb.me/2YwnMqC1x 
  49. Where else can you get advice and talk with 6 …
  50. A leader must be about momentum, not maintenance. #jlwl14
  51. Leadership is about momentum not maintenance. -Meridel Moulton #JLWL14
  52. “As leaders crisis will happen even though you don’t know what it will be. A leader must be about momentum not maintenance.” #JLWL14
  53. It is important to go where there is no path and build it as you walk it. #pastleaders #jlwl14
  54. Inspiring luncheon – soaking it all in (the sun too) in AZ at #JLWL14! Thank you @JLColumbus for the opportunity! pic.twitter.com/i52vI5AUUf
  55. Past JL leaders shared that JL leadership role is a platform for other things. Owe it to share our skills with others #jlwl14
  56. Time to enjoy the evening with conference host League, The Junior League of Phoenix
  57. Buses for the official #JLWL14 opening reception hosted by @juniorleaguephx, will board at 5pm in front of the hotel. See you there!
  58. Great social at Phoenix Children’s Museum. Thank you to Junior League of Phoenix! #JLWL14  http://fb.me/2Z9JXpKsK 
  59. Great social at Phoenix Children’s Museum. Thank
  60. Having a blast at the Phoenix Children’s museum reception hosted by the Junior League of Phoenix! #JLWL14 #winterleadership
  61. Aly and I can find a bathtub to crash about anywhere. #bathtub #jlwl14 #juniorleague
  62. Past JL leaders shared that JL leadership role is a platform for other things. Owe it to share our skills with others #jlwl14
  63. Our President-Elect, Liz Smith, and President-Elect-Elect, Ellen Berg are having a blast at @JuniorLeague #JLWL14! pic.twitter.com/tckkJij4Cm
  64. @jaimew1109 & I crushed Day 1 of the Junior League leadership conference. #jlconference #crushedit
  65. January 26, 2014: Second Day

  66. Looking forward to reading the tweets coming in from #jlwl14 this weekend!
  67. I agree! “@BrandyPelzel : Looking forward to reading the tweets coming in from #jlwl14 this weekend!”
  68. Thanks for using the hashtag #JLWL14! You’re bringing more leaders with you in spirit! Also say hi to Courtney and Cat from Portland, OR.
  69. Good morning, #JLWL14 delegates! Our breakfast & morning program will begin at 7:30 a.m. in the Grand Ballroom.
  70. #happysaturday! Kicking off the 2nd day of the #jlwl14 conference w a governance plenary. #nofilter #juniorleague #leadershipempowered
  71. Our President-Elect Sonya is enjoying a break from our MN weather at the @JuniorLeague #JLWL14 conference in AZ this weekend!
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    Junior League has something to benefit every woman in the community. Are we getting that message across? #jlwl14