A Q&A with Chief Financial Officer Martha Ferry

Those who know her only by her cheerfully pragmatic presentations at Annual Conference or Winter Leadership, might be surprised to learn that AJLI Chief Financial Officer Martha Ferry is an intrepid traveler to some of the world’s more remote locales (the state seals of Burma, Botswana, Libya, and Laos, and many others can be found among the stamps in her passport), an able and adventurous amateur chef who once studied at La Varenne in Paris, and a devotee of alternative theater on New York’s vibrant Off-Broadway scene.
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AJLI Joins Vision 2020 Gender Equality Initiative

In February, AJLI joined the Vision 2020 Gender Equality Initiative, a project of the Institute for Women’s Health and Leadership® at Drexel University’s College of Medicine, which was conceived to stimulate dialogue about women and leadership in advance of the 100th anniversary, in 2020, of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.
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Even If Your Kid’s Not a Bully, We Bet She Knows One

It often seems the only time most of us worry about bullying is when it happens to one of our kids – or when something goes deeply wrong with someone else’s kid, as happened recently in South Hadley, MA, where 15-year-old Phoebe Prince hanged herself.

According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, surveys indicate that as many as half of all children are bullied at some time during their school years, and at least 10% are bullied on a regular basis. The Junior Leaguestake this problem seriously. In fact, supporting the welfare of our children has been a central focus across our 109-year-history.

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Helping Kids Walk Away from Fast Food

There’s a lot of talk about childhood obesity. And no one seriously doubts the link between fat-filled fast food grabbed at take-out restaurants and weight problems. But how do you begin to break the cycle that locks kids – particularly disadvantaged children in urban areas – into a fast food diet for life?

We believe education has to begin at home – but schools and communities also play a critical role.

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